Today is Confederate Memorial Day. It’s one of a dozen holidays when state offices close in Georgia, according to the state’s official website, GeorgiaGov. We asked residents at several locations in Reporter Newspapers communities whether they thought Georgia should celebrate Confederate Memorial Day. Here’s what they had to say.

“I think the term ‘Confederate’ has too many connotations. Memorial Day is general enough. It celebrates all folks that have fought in wars. Memorial Day is inclusive, the other one is exclusive.”

Pam Duncan

“No. I think there are lots of people it offends. I think if you’re going to offend somebody, you shouldn’t go there.”

Beth Thomsen

“I would say no. Because I’m from New York!”

Michael Stoer

“Yes, if it’s done with the proper intention of historical reference and what it means for the world today and not used for individual political reasons. I think history needs to be respected and not used for individual political reasons… Unfortunately, too many people take it for individual reasons and not for hisotical reasons.”

Bryant Bateman

“No. The time has passed for that holiday. I think it should be left in the history books.”

Amanda Cusick

“No. I think it’s a part of the state’s history that doesn’t reflect the entirety of the state’s values. It’s not necessarily sensitive to the wounds inflicted as a result of the ideology and actions behind the Confederacy. I don’t think it’s something that should be celebrated. Perhaps remembered, but not celebrated.”

Stacy Lewis

“No. I think it’s elaborates old differences rather than celebrating new commonalities.”

Hank Meisinger

“Probably not, just because of the slavery connotation. It offends too many people.”

Brad Leahy

“That’s a tough question because I respect acknowledging anyone’s opinion or right to celebrate something but at the same time can understand why there’s apprehension about recognizing it. There’s certainly a stigma attached to it.”

Brett Blumencranz

“If it means no school, sure!”

Justin Blumencranz

“No. It’s not relevant. It’s a sign of a past paradigm of thought that is truly no relevant for today in the face of racial overtones. It is not progressive and not something to be celebrated.”

Rick Venable

“Leave it alone. A lot of young men died for this. I want to show proper respect.”

John Gillim

“Yes. My ancestors. There were 13 brothers who fought for the rights of the states in the Confederate War and that was the first time in history that ever happened. They were fighting for the rights of the states to make their own choices—not for slavery, that was never an issue. It was a time for freedom and definitely it should be left in place as a memorial Confederate holiday.

“We have to speak for our ancestors as descendants and keep [Confederate Memorial Day] in place. It’s a very important thing.”

Jeanine Herrin Collins

Joe Earle

Joe Earle is Editor-at-Large. He has more than 30-years of experience with daily newspapers, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.

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  1. Tim Smith · Columbus Technical College
    I think the majority of the people they polled were hand picked liberals…what did you expect those folks to say, I think your poll was totally unfair and dosen,t amount to a hill of beans…………..and by the way!! YES I support Confederate Memorial Day

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