After responding last night to several break-ins in the Perimeter area, Dunwoody police are warning residents not to leave valuables in unlocked cars.

The charge of “entering auto” refers to both crimes of opportunities, where would-be thieves try door handles to see if cars are unlocked, and crimes where actual “breaking” of a door frame, window or lock occurs, police say.

Since May 11, a total of 10 residential burglaries and a purse-snatching robbery were reported in Dunwoody. On May 12, seven reports of entering auto were filed with police, which prompted them to share a warning on the department’s Facebook Page.

“Last night we responded to several entering autos (car break ins) in the perimeter area. All of the vehicles had something visible inside the vehicle (laptop bags, bookbags, GPS’s, etc.) which is what the perpetrators look for. In one case, a vehicle owner had an empty laptop bag in his front seat. His glass was shattered but when it was determined nothing was in the bag, they left it there. Just because you take your valuables out of your bags doesn’t mean you won’t become a victim. Always remember to #LockTakeHide #PleaseShare (AS).”