The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.


2400 block of Coronet Way—On May 6, a man appeared from around the corner of an apartment building and pointed a semi-automatic pistol at the head of one of two delivery people. The gunman ordered the delivery people to empty their pockets. One delivery man placed his cellphone and wallet on the ground, and then the two ran off. They saw the gunman opening and rummaging through the cab portion of a vehicle.

2300 block of Adams Drive—On May 4, a man opened the driver’s side door of a vehicle and held a knife to the driver’s neck, demanding money. The victim told the suspect he didn’t have any money, but offered his wallet. The robber grabbed the wallet and demanded the driver’s cellphone. The robber was last seen running toward the left of the building with the driver’s brown tri-fold wallet and Apple iPhone 6 plus.

2300 block of Marietta Boulevard—On May 7, an attempted carjacking was reported outside a retail store. A driver was backing into a parking space when a man opened his door and said, “You know what this is.” The driver grabbed his gun, ordered the man out of his vehicle and held him face down on the ground at gunpoint until police arrived and arrested him.

300 block of Pharr Road—On May 8, a strong-arm robbery was reported after a man showed up at an apartment complex and started a fight with a resident, who was holding his newborn as he opened the door. The suspect then went to the newborn’s mother’s workplace in the 3200 block of Peachtree Road, punched her in the face and took her purse.

600 block of Garson Drive—On May 2, a woman was walking toward her apartment complex when a dark-colored Lexus pulled up, a man exited and asked for a cigarette. When she responded “No,” the man reached for her pants pocket and they struggled. The man was able to remove her silver wallet that contained an ID, Social Security card, debit and credit card. The man attempted to take her necklace, but was unsuccessful. A Samsung Galaxy Avant cellphone also was taken. A female driver yelled “Ishmael, you don’t need to be doing that, you live around here” at the suspect. The woman’s face was scratched and she had a bite mark on her upper right arm, but she refused treatment.

1500 block of Piedmont Avenue—On May 5, a group of people, at least one of whom had a handgun, approached people sitting in a car and ordered them to get on the ground. The attackers took wallets and cellphones and ran off.

2200 block of Marietta Boulevard—A security guard was watching a generator when two men approached from behind and said, “Hey man, what you got in your pockets? Give it up. Give it up.” When he said he did not have anything, one of the men pointed a small black gun, possibly a 9mm, at him and pulled the trigger. The gun clicked as if it was jammed or unloaded. At that point, the victim started to run. When he looked back, he saw the men were running in opposite directions.

1200 block of Marietta Boulevard—A car was rear-ended while driving and the dropped stopped his vehicle to check for damages. Two men got out of a Ford Explorer Sport. One held a black handgun (possibly a .22 or .380). A third man remained in the car. They demanded the victims’ wallets, cellphones and keys. One suspect attempted to take the car, but panicked when he could not release the emergency brake. A witness recorded the encounter and gave the victim his memory card.

2800 block of Sequoyah Drive—A man saw a burglary in progress and tried to take a picture of the tag on the burglar’s car. A man walked over, opened his door and grabbed the cellphone and punched the man in the arm. The suspects were last seen in a blue sedan.

3500 Roswell Road—A man was walking home when he approached by three men, who all said “run it.” They assaulted the victim, taking his Batman back pack that contained vehicle and house keys. The backpack was later located lying in the middle of the street by a patrol unit canvassing the area.

First block of Irby Avenue—An attendant was moving signs when a man in a silver Mitsubishi Outlander said he wanted to park and produced a $100 bill. When the victim pulled money from his pocket to give the driver change, he pulled a black semi-automatic weapon and demanded “Give me the money.” A second man, armed with a silver handgun, approached from the other side and said “Gimmie,gimmie,gimmie.” The driver snatched $480 in cash from the attendant’s hand.

2600 block of Lenox Road—People driving into their apartment complex gate saw a red 1997 Nissan Altima following them in. Once they parked, two men, one armed with a black handgun, jumped out and robbed them of an Apple iPhone 6, credit cards, an ID, license, black Samsung phone, and a white Apple iPhone. The second suspect rifled through the victims’ vehicle while the other suspect held them at gunpoint.

3300 block of Peachtree Road—A man at a mall approached another man and continually asked him to shake his hand. When he refused, the man said “Give it up,” and, “I’m about to take all you have,” before striking him. The two fought over a bag, and the victim was able to break free and run. The suspect was spotted walking across the street as the victim was speaking to the police officer. A struggle ensued and the officer Tased the suspect while attempting to take him into custody. The officer noted the suspect spoke in broken sentences, mumbled and continually said, “You’d better shake me hand.”
600 block of Morosgo Drive—A man entered a gas station store, went behind the counter armed with knives in both hands and said, “You all know what time it is.” An employee was able to run the suspect out the store without incident. He has entered the business in the past and is known to employees.

Aggravated Assault

3400 block of Lenox Road—On May 9, police responded to a “shots fired” call. The victim came to the location with a man named Greg to pick up medication from a woman (suspect#1). While inside the parking deck, an argument started and Greg shouted he was being pepper sprayed. Shots were fired from a maroon Chevy Camaro as the woman and another man drove by. When police arrived, a pink stun gun, a pair of black sunglasses and one unfired round were on the ground. The suspect was not forthcoming about the identity of Greg and lied about being on the phone with him.

2400 block of Coronet Way—A man was sitting on his porch when another man approached him and pointed a “machine-type” gun at him. When he threatened to call the police, the gunman responded “he would [expletive deleted] the police up.”

3600 block of Tuxedo Road—Patrol units responded to a “shots fired” call and found two women who said they were talking outside when they saw two men run from the woods at Woodhaven Road. The women said the men mumbled some words and fired three shots. The first woman was able to jump into the passenger seat and the two left from the scene. They followed behind the suspects, who were last seen running toward a car heading toward Tuxedo Road. No shell casings were recovered.

Residential Burglary

400 block of Blackland Road –A garage was forced open and a black 48-inch Sony TV was taken.
1700 block of Commerce Drive—A hole was drilled under an apartment door lock and the apartment was ransacked.
2300 block of Defoors Ferry Road—The door to a house was damaged, and jewelry and a camera were taken.
1300 block of Northside Drive—A public storage lock was cut. A computer, TV and a TV stand were taken.
100 block of 26th Street—A front door to an apartment was kicked in and a 50-inch flat-screen TV, a PlayStation 3 console, a PlayStation 4 console, a set of wedding rings (male and female) and an HP Laptop were taken. Two additional burglaries were reported in apartment units in the same complex. From one, five Michael Kors bags, a bracelet, a 60-inch Samsung Smart TV and a PlayStation 4 game console were taken. From the second apartment, a FNS 9mm pistol, a 1974 revolver, a Marlin .22-caliber rifle with ammunition, two Airsoft guns, an Xbox Game Console with controllers, approximately 700 Euros in a wallet, a necklace, a Chrome Book, an Apple iPad, an Asus laptop and a Nikon Camera were taken. The victim phoned to advise his Xbox was tracked to a location by Microsoft.
3400 Stratford Road—An apartment door was kicked in and electronics, jewelry, shoes and a purse were taken.
1900 block of Monroe Drive—An apartment door was damaged and pillow cases were taken. Electronics and jewelry were targeted.
1100 block of Lavista Road—A burglary attempt was reported when a deadbolt lock was damaged, but no items were taken.
2400 block of Cheshire Bridge Road–Deadbolt lock reported damaged; no items taken.
2000 block of Lenox Road—A burglary attempt was reported. A rear door to a house was kicked in and entry was made by prying a rear window. Several interior doors were opened and items scattered about. Beer, meat and cheese were taken from the refrigerator. Other valuable items were left untouched.

Commercial Burglary

1800 block of Hollywood Road—Copper was taken from a commercial location.

Auto Theft

3300 block of Northside Parkway—A 1998 Volvo V70 was reported stolen from a fast food restaurant parking lot.
600 block of Green Street—An attempted theft was reported when the car radio, driver door lock, ignition switch and removable canvas on the rear of a 2002 Jeep Wrangler were damaged.
The 1800 block of Peachtree Road—A red 2001 Ford Expedition was reported stolen from a gas station parking lot. The driver left her vehicle running with keys in the ignition to go inside to deliver papers.
First block of Peachtree Valley Road—A door handle was damaged on a vehicle and the passenger window was broken on a second vehicle. Two men were seen fleeing from a red Dodge Charger to an awaiting white Chrysler.
3200 block of Lenox Road—A1986 Toyota T10 pickup truck was reported stolen from the parking lot at the location.
1400 block of West Paces Ferry Road—A 2006 Dodge Stratus was reported stolen from a parking lot.
4200 block of Whitewater Creek Road—A 2011 Land Rover was reported stolen when the driver placed his keys behind a tree to go running. Upon returning, the keys and vehicle were missing.
1300 block of Marietta Boulevard—An attempt to steal a1998 Ford EC2 was reported when the door lock and ignition were damaged.
1000 block of Huff Road—A 2007 Hyundai Sonata was reported stolen from a parking deck.
1800 block of Harper Street—A white 2000 Toyota Tundra was reported stolen after the driver left the vehicle running with the keys in the ignition.
1100 block of Collier Road—A silver 2001 Ford Escape was reported stolen from a parking lot at an apartment complex. The owner reported power tools and a .380 automatic pistol missing.
2100 block of Defoors Ferry Road—A gray 2013 Infiniti G35 was reported stolen from an apartment parking lot. A tall man was seen wearing a reflective vest and using a flash light to look around. A tow truck was captured on surveillance footage driving around a neighboring apartment complex.
500 block of Arden at Argonne—A white 2002 Isuzu pickup was reported stolen from a townhouse parking lot. The driver returned to the vehicle after completing landscape work at the location and discovered that his vehicle was missing; keys were left inside the vehicle. Several pieces of lawn equipment also were taken.
First block of Roswell Court—A gold 2003 Subaru Forrester was reported stolen from an apartment parking lot.
1300 block of Northside Drive—A blue 2002 Ford F250 was reported stolen from a hotel parking lot. The key was left on the floorboard of the vehicle.
1700 block of Peachtree Road—A 1986 Chevy Camaro was reported stolen from an office parking lot.
3500 block of Peachtree Road—A green 1993 Jeep Cherokee was reported stolen from a grocery store parking lot while the owner shopped.
600 block of Morosgo Drive—A silver 2013 Chevrolet Malibu was reported stolen from a gas station. The driver left the vehicle running while he entered the store. Two men were captured on surveillance video entering the vehicle and driving off. Both suspects appear to be teenagers or in their early 20s.
2400 Parkland Drive—A gray 2011 Dodge Charger was reported stolen from a parking garage.


Between May 3 and 9, a total of 47 thefts from automobiles were reported and an additional 37 reports of other larcenies, including shoplifting, were made. Between May 10 and 16, a total of 32 thefts from automobiles were reported and 27 additional larcenies were reported.