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3 replies on “New Reporter Newspapers survey shows nearly two-thirds of local respondents reject proposed ‘Religious Freedom’ law”

  1. What was the method used by the pollsters to ask their rather broad question? Mail? Phone? Email? Inquiries on a street corner? Or just by cell phone?

    Were the respondents sought by the pollsters or did the respondents seek the pollsters?

    Of the respondents, how many have read the entire text of the proposed bill?

    How many inquiries were made by the polling company and how many responses were given?

  2. Hard to accept unless the call list was developed in a Buckhead mens’ room. You show sample comments from one “gay” and one person so uneducated they cannot understand the rather simple wording of the Bill of Rights.

    Are the questions asked available for us readers to see? It IS possible to obtain most any results the sponsors of such a poll are willing to pay for. “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?”

    The “people” of Georgia (even metro Atlanta) simply wouldn’t answer to support your results.

  3. The attempt to legislate discrimination in this state is a disturbing echo of Georgia’s Jim Crow history. I hope that this survey reflects public opinion and that my neighbor’s and fellow Georgians believe in protecting civil rights of all.

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