About 1,700 students in six north DeKalb schools would move to other schools under a plan to try to address overcrowding in the Cross Keys cluster.

The DeKalb County School District announced its staff recommendations for redistricting overcrowding at a Feb. 11 public meeting held at Cross Keys High School.

The school district began last year gathering public input on how to handle the severe overcrowding in the cluster with the goal of reducing overcrowding and number of students having to learn in portable classrooms.

The proposed redistricting will be considered at the March 7 at the DeKalb Board of Education meeting. If adopted, the redistricting will go into effect in the fall of 2016.

More than 100 portable classrooms, or trailers, have been installed at the Cross Keys cluster schools to help with overcrowding; DeKalb school officials say the cluster has nearly 2,000 more student than it can really hold.

The staff recommendations are:

  • Redistrict 61 Woodward Elementary School students to Fernbank Elementary School.
  • Redistrict 269 Montclair Elementary School students to Fernbank Elementary School.
  • Split feeder of Fernbank Elementary School to two middle schools: Druid Hills Middle School and Sequoyah Middle School.
  • Redistrict 394 Montclair Elementary School students to new Former International Student Center (new K-5 school).
  • Redistrict 444 Dresden Elementary School students to Montclair Elementary School.
  • Redistrict 301 Cary Reynolds students to Dresden Elementary School.
  • Redistrict 232 Cross Keys High School students to Chamblee High School.

The redistricting plan will result in 33 fewer portable classrooms at the elementary schools and two fewer at the high school, according to a DCSD presentation.

The staff is also recommending the school district continue search for two new 900-seat elementary schools to serve the Cross Keys cluster.

On Feb. 1, the DeKalb Board of Education approved a joint resolution with Atlanta Public Schools and City Schools of Decatur placing the proposed fifth Educational Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax before voters in May. If approved, collection of funds would begin in July and end in June 2022.

DCSD Spokesperson Quinn Hudson said the budget for new or replacement schools and additions is $230 million.

The amount of the $230 million that would go to Cross Keys will be decided in the fall, after the May vote and after the Secondary School Feasibility and Planning Study that will look at the middle and high schools in the overcrowded clusters of Cross Keys, Dunwoody, Chamblee, Lakeside, Druid Hills, Tucker and Clarkston, Hudson said.

Dyana Bagby

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.

5 replies on “DeKalb schools propose moving 1,700 students in Cross Keys redistricting”

  1. Help me again to better understand ? Why is
    Briarcliff High Bldg. not being put back into use?
    The school originally was shut down due to declining enrollment (Druid Hills , Briarcliff , and Cross Keys.
    Now with overcrowding in the Druid Hills High and Cross Keys – Why not put Briarcliff High back into operation ?
    What would the rehab cost be verses the cost of
    $230 million going to Cross Keys ? How much are the trailers running to rent each year ?
    Seems to me that with this area growing in attendance ? Would this not make for a better plan now and the upcoming future ?
    I can remember before Lakeside was open . Briarcliff High did split session.

  2. DCSD has repeatedly concluded that renovating BHS is too costly versus selling it or demolishing it for a rebuild. The children that are in the schools currently reside along Buford Hwy and it’s a bit absurd that they have to travel up to ten miles to Cross Keys. Having them travel to BHS is even more ridiculous. BHS was closed due to politics with Druid HIlls. It is in limbo today for the same reason. While all options should be on the table it would be very encouraging to hear folks actually express concern about our children rather than the buildings – empty or otherwise.

    1. That’s an interesting observation. The facts are that there are no seats at other are schools in any quantity that could help relieve these suffering schools. Rest assured that Dr. Green does not share your concern about “wrinkling” feathers.

      “All the valued real estate,’ indeed – ha!

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