The new candidate who just qualified yesterday, April 7, for the House District 52 Republican primary is already dropping out.

“I will withdraw,” said Karen F. Beavor, who is president and CEO at the Georgia Center for Nonprofits, in an email. “I received a tremendously positive but game-changing phone call last night and, as a result, I’ve decided not to run at this time.”

That leaves Graham McDonald and Deborah Silcox as the remaining candidates in the race to replace retiring state Rep. Joe Wilkinson. Beavor’s quick entry and exit is the latest twist in a surprising race that saw Wilkinson unexpectedly drop out and endorse Silcox while alleging a “plot” by Sandy Springs leaders to replace him with McDonald, which those involved deny. The state Republican Party had reopened candidate qualifying for the race on April 1, apparently because Wilkinson dropped out of the race after qualifying.

Beavor said her brief candidacy was based on her concern about representing the whole, diverse district and not just affluent areas of Sandy Springs. “I wanted to run because both candidates seem to be overly Sandy Springs weighted in their approach to the race,” she said, adding that issues like low incomes, troubled schools and a booming, diverse population “impact everyone who lives there and ‘Sandy Springs Style’ isn’t necessarily what is good for the district as a whole.”

Beavor said the phone call she received that changed her mind was “family personal” and not from the Republican Party or any campaign representative.

House District 52 represents parts of Buckhead, Sandy Springs and northwest Atlanta. The primary will be held May 24, and with no candidates from other parties, the GOP primary winner will take the seat.

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.