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Ever since INtown celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2014, we’ve toyed with the idea of giving ourselves a little makeover. The conversation really got started in January after our creative director, Rico Figliolini, gave our sister publications, Reporter Newspapers, a new look. While the Reporters got a modern, newsy update, I wanted INtown to move more toward what it’s always been – a magazine.

So as you flip through the print and digital edition, you’ll notice new section headers, bigger photos, more graphic design elements, updated fonts. There’s also more white space on the pages, which allows the content to breathe alongside our ever-growing roster of advertisers.

To be honest, the interior stuff came easy; what we agonized over was changing our recognizable logo. We’ve had the same logo ever since we transitioned from Atlanta 30306 to Atlanta Intown in 1997. In 2005, we began capitalizing the IN the logo, using it as our end mark for articles and our icon on social media like Twitter and Facebook. The stylized white on red IN had become so familiar that we decided it should be part of the logo itself. Et voila! Along with the playful signature font of Atlanta and the new INtown font, we think it makes a bold statement.

What hasn’t changed is our dedication to an eclectic mix of stories about people, places and events that shape Intown. Business, arts & culture, restaurant news and real estate news and features are all still here. It’s content you won’t find anywhere else.

Your favorite columns like Tim Sullivan’s hilarious (and this month poignant) TimmyDaddy, Sally Bethea’s Above the Waterline and Megan Volpert’s always on point restaurant reviews are still here, too.

Of course, it’s you, our readers, and the aforementioned advertisers who keep INtown thriving. You’ve allowed us to come into your home every month for two decades, or you’ve picked us up while shopping or enjoying a cup of joe. It still gives me a little thrill to see people reading intently at my local coffee house.

We think INtown’s new duds are fresh and clean and ready for the next 20 years. We hope you’ll like it, and I’d love to hear your feedback.


Collin Kelley


Collin Kelley

Collin Kelley has been the editor of Atlanta Intown for two decades and has been a journalist and freelance writer for 35 years. He’s also an award-winning poet and novelist.