The gigantic Peachtree Dunwoody Pavilion office park redevelopment plan is getting even bigger, topping 1.1 million square feet of more housing, hotel rooms, parking decks and offices. The community can get a close-up look at the next community meeting, slated for July 12, 6 p.m., at Sandy Springs City Hall.

The latest site plan for the Peachtree Dunwoody Pavilion redevelopment, from a city filing.
The latest site plan for the Peachtree Dunwoody Pavilion redevelopment, from a city filing.

The redevelopment of the 19-acre office park, at Peachtree-Dunwoody Road and Lake Hearn Drive in Sandy Springs’ Pill Hill medical area, was proposed in March. Almost every part of the plan is bigger in the official city paperwork developer the Simpson Organization recently filed. Multifamily housing units are up to 335 from 250, and an office tower went from 11 stories to 18.

The project requires rezoning for the mixed use and will seek use permits for heights that include the 275-foot office tower, two parking garages around 100 feet tall, and the 64-foot-tall residential building. The existing parking lot is about 1,175 spaces; the new parking total would be nearly 3,000, according to the filing. The project requires review by the Atlanta Regional Commission as a “Development of Regional Impact.”

The plan is still less dense than allowed under current zoning, which would be about 1.5 million square feet, according to the project filing. Three existing buildings in the office park, totaling 340,000 square feet, will remain.

Here are some of the changes to the plan since its first draft was presented in March:


Then: 185 rooms, 200 parking spaces

Now: 200 rooms, 180 parking spaces

Parking garage

Then: 6 levels, 876 spaces

Now: 9 levels, 1,662 spaces

Office tower

Then: 8 stories atop 3 parking levels with 248 spaces; 201,000 square feet

Now: 11 stories atop 7 parking levels; 240,000 square feet of office, and now includes about 10,000 square feet of restaurant/retail space

Multifamily housing

Then: 250 units, 5 stories, with a 5-level, 635-space parking garage

Now: 335 units, 5 stories, with an 8-level, 1,005-space parking garage

Retail/restaurant buildings around Lake Hearn pond

Then: 14,024 square feet

Now: 14,574 square feet

Retail on Peachtree-Dunwoody Road

Then: 7,060 square feet

Now: 5,641 square feet

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.