A Black Lives Matter student protest was held Sept. 23 at North Springs Charter High School in Sandy Springs.

According to student comments on Twitter, the sit-in protest, which happened both indoors and on the football field, was triggered by a school administrator requiring a student to remove a “Black Lives Matter” T-shirt while referring to the movement as a “terrorist organization.” However, according to Fulton County Schools spokesperson Susan Hale, that incident was a false rumor.

Protesters on the North Springs High School football field. (CBS46)
Protesters on the North Springs High School football field. (CBS46)

“This was not true,” Hale said of the alleged T-shirt incident. “We support our students’ freedom of expression as long as it does not create a school disruption.”

“Students and staff were respectful throughout, and while this caused a slight disruption to the normal school day, it did not impact instruction for the rest of the school,” Hale said.

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.

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  1. Community lives matter also Fulton County. Take off the locks and allow the Community to enjoy the facilities. City spending money on more parks and the taxpayers have such great basketball, tennis, Soccer/Football fields all sitting behind locked gates doing nothing to bring the community together around the school that serves them. Sad.

    Good luck students with your action.

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