13 replies on “Sandy Springs reveals new city logo”

  1. Hmm, that is supposed to look like an S is it?

    Is the City doing so well that we can afford $100K for a new logo but not a living wage for our Police/Fire? That $100k for a logo is equal to 3 SSPD officers annual salary and was justified how?

  2. The previous logo was replaced because the trees are all gone from the developments and the water (or lack of it) is piped in . 100,000$ for this. This mayor just keeps topping himself. Logo should be of traffic as this is what Paul has given all of us. (Oh, AND a new logo !!)

  3. What a waste of money! Citizens want funds spent on crumbing infrastructure and services such as salaries to retain competent city personnel,police, fire fighters. This is about the superficial glitter and not the important needs. Time for more cognizant council members.

  4. I like it, and honestly, companies, even cities, re-brand all the time as the times change. Sandy Springs has changed a lot since the inception of the original logo, and the new logo reflects that. While it’s pricey, nothing good ever comes cheap. While a “free logo maker” is an inexpensive alternative, think about the things you get for free. Are they ever of high quality? Also, as an aside, money was put away for years before they broke ground on City Springs. They didn’t spend what they didn’t have to start the project.
    The turtle is pretty cool too!

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