The city of Sandy Springs will present planned improvements for the Mt. Paran/Powers Ferry roads intersection at a Jan. 26 open house.

The plans include ways to “alleviate the existing bottleneck conditions,” according to a press release. They also include sidewalks and other pedestrian improvements.

The event will be an “open house” format without a presentation, but with officials displaying plans and answering questions.

The event will run 6 to 8 p.m. at Holy Spirit Preparatory School, 4820 Long Island Drive.

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.

2 replies on “Sandy Springs to present plan for Mt. Paran/Powers Ferry intersection”

  1. First. Sandy springs, did you forget about Mt. Paran and Long Island.

    Second. Why in a church? We have a public school in the neighborhood off
    Lake Forest. How much is the church being paid? Honestly, reporter, journalism will give us the answer.

    This citizen will not attend a “Public” meeting in someone else’s religious institution. Nor do I vote in a church, early voting, is the answer to that.

    Should be done moving a business out of Georgia and entire research lab out of Emory soon and on to a real City. Public transport from Soho to 72nd st. in less time than driving from Sandy Springs to anywhere.

    Last, the entire stretch of Mt. Paran needs to be addressed because it’s a parking lot from I75 to Roswell Rd. Good luck with making the city livable again, Sandy Springs Private Company.

  2. The Traffic Issue Part Two:

    Sandy Springs home of more private schools than I’ve seen anywhere.

    Holy Spirit is but one of the major causes for our traffic woes. The number of private schools in Sandy Springs in the 40’s. Over 40 private schools who’s parents drive, not walk them to school or use buses. Even parents who live a block or two from Holy Spirit, drive the distance that would take 5 minutes to walk.

    Where are these students coming from? Sandy Springs ask for enrollement information from Holy Spirit when they bought the land adjacent to 285 on Long Island and where refused. It’s a fact that parents are coming from as far away as Alpharetta and Gwinnett to attend the Sandy Springs private schools. A neighbor of mine has a child living with them during the week because the child lives so far away that the daily journey is an overwhelming burden.

    How is Sandy Springs addressing our traffic woe’s without addressing one of it’s major causes, Private School vehicle traffic? Closing your eyes to the cause of a problem won’t ever allow you to fix that problem.

    There must be some “entitled” self perceived “wealthy” person or small group of entitlement residents who think that it’s only Powers Ferry and Mt. Paran that is the problem. Those of us who live here know the problem is greater. Some of us even put those public company executives to shame when it comes to personal wealth and our private company not public didn’t get a tax break from the City to have our company here. A tax break that allows the likes of Home Depot to pay retired executives full salary and benefits years past retirement. That tax break is now being filled by fee’s, TSPOST and other initiatives those public company’s have no responsibility for.

    Our leaders need to start paying attention to the likes of Bloomberg Televison series focused on the future of cities and what makes a successful city. Sim City would also be a good one for our learn as they go private company overlords and elected officials like mr. paul.

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