Buckhead residents and workers are ready for traffic solutions and the results of a detail study commissioned by a local city councilmember, according to a report from Reporter Newspapers broadcast partner CBS46.

It’s not hard to find an opinion about traffic in Buckhead, CBS46 reported.

A new development rises on Irby Avenue in Buckhead Village. (CBS46)

“It’s very congested,” Leigh Wagy said. “Very congested. It’s hard to get around.”

“Crazy,” Ashlyn Dinardo, who works at Henri’s Bakery on Irby Avenue, said.

From the street to inside long time Buckhead business Henri’s Bakery, traffic is the talk.

Atlanta City Councilmember Howard Shook represents part of this area and admits traffic is an issue.

“Traffic has really kind of reached a tipping point and it seems now as though our rush hour lasts all day now,” Shook said.

That’s why he and another council member commissioned a detailed analysis of the Peachtree Road corridor to find solutions.

“They’ll be looking at where the real hot spots are and things physically we can do to improve intersections and some of the choke points,” Shook said.

There is also the concern about construction bringing more people. Shook says that will also be looked at.

“They want to put in the high rises, the condos, the apartments. It’s going to be a lot more congested than it is now,” Wagy said.

“We are going to have to look at zoning and land use,” Shook said. “There is a lot of square footage left to be developed in Buckhead and we are going to have to see if it’s possible to fit a fifth quart jug in a gallon jar.”

“That’s all we want,” Dinardo said. “We just want them to see it and to know it’s affecting us and see how we can change it.”

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  1. Traffic on Lindbergh going towards Peachtree has become so heavy in the mornings, the residents in the two condos at the corner of Peachtree and Lindbergh can hardly get out of their parking garages because traffic is so backed up.

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