On Feb. 22, Sandy Springs police and code-enforcement staff used undercover underage teens to see if they could buy alcohol illegally at several Sandy Springs businesses.

Three adult clubs were in compliance and denied entrance to the underage persons, Sandy Springs Capt. Steve Rose reported. Citations, Rose said, were issued at the following establishments:

• Shell Station, 5700 Roswell Road. The clerk and manager were both cited. In addition, the code enforcement staff noted graffiti, accessory structures, and window coverage.

• Royal Package Store, 5325 Roswell Road. The clerk was cited.

• Citi Wine & Spirits, 5861 Roswell Road. The clerk was cited. Code Enforcement cited the business for items blocking the fire suppression system.

• BP Station, 5995 Roswell Road [at Hammond]. The clerk was cited. Code Enforcement staff issued violations for graffiti, gas cans in the electrical working space, and exposed wires in the bathroom.

• Shell Station, 5866 Roswell Road [at Cliftwood]. The clerk was cited and the manager was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct. Code enforcement issued citations for violations having to do with working space and trash.

Among the businesses that Rose said were in compliance and deserve a “tip of our collective hats”:

• Quick Shop Food Store, 156 Northwood Drive

• Chevron Gas Station, 5600 Roswell Road

• Citgo, 5645 Roswell Road

• Valero, 5345 Roswell Road

• Chevron, 5545 New Northside Drive