Sandy Springs City Councilmember Tibby DeJulio will run for re-election this fall, making the first campaign announcement for this fall’s municipal election.

Tibby DeJulio

DeJulio said High Point Civic Association members recently asked him whether he will run for re-election to the seat he has held since the city’s founding in 2005. “I told them, ‘Yes, I will,’” he said.

“I consider myself the keeper of the vision,” said DeJulio, referring to the city’s method of outsourced and privatized government services that he and the city’s first mayor, the late Eva Galambos, helped establish.

DeJulio represents District 5 in southeastern Sandy Springs. He also serves as mayor pro tem, meaning he is acting mayor when Mayor Rusty Paul is unavailable.

The only other councilmember to have announced political plans is Gabriel Sterling, who will not run for re-election and instead is considering a campaign for either state House District 51 or the Fulton County chairman seat.

Mayor Paul and Councilmembers Andy Bauman, Chris Burnett, Ken Dishman and John Paulson have said in recent weeks that they are still considering whether to stand for re-election. No one has announced a run to replace Sterling in District 4, either. His 2013 electoral opponent, Tochie Blad, said she is considering a run but is undecided.

The candidate qualifying period is not until August, with elections following in November.

John Ruch is an Atlanta-based journalist. Previously, he was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.

3 replies on “DeJulio to run for Sandy Springs Council re-election”

  1. Rusty is using the Reporter as a polling place and seeding ground.

    In an early first shot on transportation he spoke of Texas, created a quote attributable to Churchill that was wrapped in a biblical phrase, then we heard of his thoughts on the importance of transportation and it’s importance. He managed to wrap up religion for the conservatives and something slightly socialized all in one big waste of good pixels on a screen.

    In his long history as a Republican, Leader of Georgia GOP, he was part of ensuring that we are in the situation we currently are with transportation. Now, this Reporter blog is where he is quickly trying to erase it all from our memory.

    City Springs just got upgraded for outdoor water, electric and “Fair” capabilities so Bauman could be looking at how he can return to the scene with something better than his old Farmers Market in the previously existing parking lot.

    It’s all just too exciting to bear.

  2. Eva would be disappointed to see that Tibby supported the thousands of additional apartments being built in Sandy Springs. This was not her “vision” and Tibby is wrong to state his “vision” of privatized government without mentioning apartments. Roswell Road is already a nightmare traffic eyesore awaiting City Springs and thousands of apartments to come on board. Great “vision”! My vote does not go to the incumbent.

    1. Speaking of our privatized government in a new era of Buy American. Seems that if outsourcing to foreign lands is so bad for America than Sandy Springs outsourcing to other states is no better for us.

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