The handling of the Mercedes-Benz Drive street renaming matter by the mayor and City Council was disgraceful and pathetic. (“City’s first corporate street naming draws debate,” March 17.) But, for years, these “leaders” have prostrated themselves at the feet of the rich and powerful, and they have patronized or simply ignored the citizens whom they allegedly serve. The mayor and the City Council should be ashamed, but none of the rest of us should be surprised.

Kevin Best

Sandy Springs

2 replies on “Letter: Sandy Springs Council should be ashamed of Mercedes street renaming”

  1. Letter? This is no letter. Please at least provide some commentary into why you think it was ‘disgraceful and pathetic’.

  2. Agreed, selling out the streets from under the feet of citizens is disgraceful. Maybe the mayor could ask citizens to start wearing corporate logos to make even more money for the city to waste.

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