Remember that feeling when you were a kid at the playground on a hot summer day and you suddenly heard the siren call of an ice cream truck? Before you knew it, you were up and running, shouting “ice cream!” to anyone nearby as you raced to find change and line up for a cool summer treat.

As an adult it’s sometimes hard to experience life with as much unbridled enthusiasm and joy as when you were a child, so I try to pay attention when I feel that familiar rush and excitement. For me, the adult version of that is when you combine alcohol and cold, slushy fruit drinks. Give me a frozen drink and a breezy patio on a hot summer day and I’ll be a happy camper.

From the classic Atlanta staples such as Jack & Coke Slushies from Victory Sandwich Bar to the tropical offerings of Bon Ton, a brand new Cajun-Creole restaurant in the old Top Flr space in Midtown, these are some of my favorite tasty beverages to take the edge off of those humid summer nights.

Bon Ton
Frozen Ward Six Cup: Housemade Cathead Vodka “Pimm’s,” cucumber, fruit, ginger, lemon, small $9, large $13
Frozen Vietnamese Irish Coffee: Jameson, coffee brandy, sweetened condensed milk, chicory coffee, cream, nutmeg, small $9, large $13
674 Myrtle St. NE, or (404) 996-6177

Victory Sandwich Bar
Frosé: Frozen rosé, small $6, large $12
Boozy Coke Slushy: Jack Daniels and Coke, small $4, large $8
913 Bernina Ave. NE, or (404) 709-2892

Kirkyard Public House
Frozen Dark & Stormy: Gosling’s black rum, Gosling’s ginger beer, fresh squeezed lime juice, half pint $5.25, pint $10
Augusta Lemonade: Fruitland Augusta peach tea vodka, lemonade, half pint $5.25, pint $10
1963 Hosea L Williams Drive NE, or (404) 500-1357

Joystick Gamebar
Bourbon Coffee: Four Roses Yellow Label and Vietnamese coffee, single $7, double $12
Blackberry Gin Bramble: Gin Cassis, lemon, house blackberry syrup, single $7, double $12
427 Edgewood Ave. SE, or (404) 525-3002

The Painted Pin
Pin’s Cup: Pimm’s, Lemon, Grilled Pineapple Soda, $10
737 Miami Circle NE, or (404) 814-8736

Isadora Pennington

Isadora Pennington is a freelance writer and photographer based in Atlanta. She is the editor of Sketchbook by Rough Draft, a weekly Arts newsletter.