Brookhaven Mayor John Ernst will host a town hall meeting Wednesday, Jan. 24, from 7 to 8 p.m. at City Hall, 4362 Peachtree Road, to discuss recent recommendations made by the Charter Review Commission.

Mayor John Ernst.

State law requires a review of city charter every five years. Former mayor Rebecca Chase Williams, and vice chair of the commission, presented the recommendations to the City Council at its Dec. 12 work session.

“There are several items for consideration that many have strong feelings about. I want to be sure we get input from the community on what, if anything, should be addressed in our city charter,” Ernst said in a press release.

Recommendations include term limits for council members and the mayor be limited to three terms, or 12 years. Currently there are no term limits for council members and a two-term limit for the mayor.

The commission also recommended the mayor’s salary be upped to $20,000, from $16,000, and council members receive a $15,000 salary, up from $12,000.

Williams said the most contentious subject during commission meetings was the city manager’s and city finance director’s request to lift the millage cap that they said would impede the city from receiving a AAA bond rating. Brookhaven’s charter sets the millage cap at 3.35. Currently, the city’s millage rate is 2.74.

Ernst will host future town hall meetings on various topics on Feb. 15, March 15 and April 19.

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.

5 replies on “Brookhaven mayor town hall to focus on charter review recommendations”

  1. I’d rather we pay them $100,000 than this paltry nothing that encourages shady side deals. $15,000 is not a living wage. No wonder we have few candidates.

    And I hate to be snarky- but for an area that railed endlessly about Obama wearing a beige suit, Mayor Ernst could certainly use a new one.

    1. The mayors salary isn’t meant to be a living wage. We have a manager form of government, the mayor is only there for policy and not day to day operations.

      Personally, I could also use way less of what appears to be his only suit. I’d also settle for a better mayor.

      1. Regardless of what the theoretical intent is- the Brookhaven city council job is MUCH more than a part-time job – particularly with all these redevelopment plans.

        If we want better, more ethical candidates we need to pay them more.

        A couple hundred thousand or so is nothing compared to their questionable spending.

  2. Redevelopment Plans? I didn’t see that in the City Charter as something the mayor and council were responsible for, unless someone has other information. Are redevelopment plans included as services to be provided by the city?

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