The owner of the DeLido Apartments in Dunwoody is seeking a rezoning from the city as part of a proposed redevelopment of the property that would make way for adding 20 units to the complex.

An application filed with the city outlines plans that include renovations and reconfiguring of the 8-acre apartment complex located on Chamblee-Dunwoody Road at the intersection of North Shallowford and Peeler roads.

An aerial conceptual drawing of how the proposed landscaping areas would be enlarged and parking spaces colored to define an actual road through the DeLido Apartments complex. A requested rezoning of the complex to reconfigure four-bedroom units into one- and two-bedroom units would also enable the modifications to the parking area, according to property management. (Special)

The owner, Deneb Holdings LLC, bought the complex for $15.2 million last summer, according to a press release. The company is asking for the property to be rezoned from RM-100 to RM-75 to allow for more units.

Currently, there are 12 two-story apartment buildings with a total of 102 residential units, including 20 four-bedroom units. The owner is proposing eliminating the four-bedroom units and replacing them with reconfigured one- and two-bedroom units. None of the buildings would be demolished as part of the renovations.

“The zoning that we are requesting would allow for the proposed increase in residential density and enable the changes to the current parking lot situation, which is the most important aspect to present DeLido as a new property,” said Sue Mied of Madison Property Management, which manages the DeLido Apartments.

“With approval of the zoning we would implement changes in the parking to transform the feel to a much more residential setting with a defined street line and landscape,” she added. “It is really a remarkable transformation and visionary of the designer. This enhancement would then also support the many upgrades of standards within the units. We are prepared to move forward with this work immediately upon approval from the city.”

A presentation by DeLido Apartments representatives was made Jan. 7 to the Dunwoody Homeowners Association.

According to the rezoning application, the existing apartments were constructed in 1968. Deneb Holdings LLC purchased the property last year and is working on maintenance issues and improving the property, according to the application.

“Time, wear and tear, and deferred investment in maintenance and upkeep have taken their toll on the condition of the property,” states the application filed by David Kirk, attorney for Troutman Sanders, representing the property owner.

Mied said while reconfiguring the four-bedroom units can’t take place without city approval of the rezoning request, plans are to start renovating the interiors of the two- and three-bedrooms in February.

“We expect the whole process to take about one year because of our sectioned approach to the renovation, having only a few units … under renovation at a time. The sections were determined by lease expirations,” Mied said.

Mied said all residents have been informed of the proposed renovations and reconfigurations.

“[W]e are very sensitive to the long-term residents at DeLido and have reached out to them to ensure advance notice of renovation dates, present availability of on-site temporary housing and inform[ation] of low introductory rates for the newly renovated units,” Mied said.

How much rents will change with the new changes is yet to be determined, Mied said.

“Rents have been well below market rates for a number of years, so current rents are not really indicative of the market …,” Mied said. “Post-renovation rents have not yet been finalized but will remain very competitive when compared to other options in the area. $1,600 is in the ball park for the three bedroom plus den, which has 1,781 square feet.”

The complex is about 88 percent occupied right now and the number of residents post-renovation is not projected, she added.

All 20 of the current 4-bedroom units will be reconfigured, with each remodeled and reconfigured into two units, either in a 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom configuration, according to the proposed plans.

Of the 40 new units resulting from the reconfiguration, 32 are proposed to be 1-bedroom units and 8 are proposed to be 2-bedroom units. The remaining units within the development would be remodeled in their current bedroom configuration, according to the rezoning application.

With 122 units, the complex grows to about 15.2 units per acre. Current zoning only allows for 12 units per acre.

As part of the redevelopment, plans proposed also include an upgrade to the exteriors of the buildings, adding parking improvements, landscaping improvements, reduced impervious surfaces and other amenities, including bicycle parking.

The complex’s current unit mix

Studio units — 1
1-bedroom units — 0
2-bedroom units — 28
3-bedroom units — 53
4-bedroom units — 20
Total units: 102

The proposed unit mix after renovations

Studio units — 1
1-bedroom units — 32
2-bedroom units — 36
3-bedroom units — 53
4-bedroom units — 0
Total units: 122

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.

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