The proposed recycling facility at Lenox Square mall moves to the next step in the process as NPU-B voted to recommend approval at its June 5 meeting.

Live Thrive Atlanta, which operates the city’s sole Center for Hard to Recycle Materials, or CHaRM,  at 1110 Hill St., is planning to open a Buckhead location behind the mall to provide a more convenient option for residents in the northern section of the city.

The possible location for the Center for Hard to Recycle Materials facility is shown in red. (Google Earth)

The facility would be built on a half-acre lot at the back of the mall, on the south edge where Simon’s property meets PATH400. The lot is currently used to store construction material and is otherwise vacant.

Sally Silver, District 7 Councilmember Howard Shook’s policy analyst, has spearheaded the plan and attended the meeting to answer questions. Shook is sponsoring legislation that would allow the facility to built at that specific location.

The NPU board expressed some concern about the location, but Silver assured them that the facility will be hidden by a fence and will not cause any noise, odor or other problems.

“I’m afraid the minute we say its behind Lenox [Square] people are going to panic,” Anne Culberson said. 

Because of its current use as a construction storage site, Bob Stasiowski said he believes if the site becomes a recycling facility, it will “look better than it does now.”

The board voted unanimously to recommend the city approve the zoning change that would allow the facility to be built. The ordinance will go before the zoning review board June 14, then will head to the Atlanta City Council zoning committee June 27 before heading to the full city council.