The Weber School in Sandy Springs has launched a new academy focused on technology and design.

The Zalik Academy, which launched this school year, will support “hands-on experimentation” in engineering, fashion, multimedia design, robotics, architecture and science research, according to a press release.

Ari Slomka, left, an 11th-grader at The Weber School, works with Chris Chapman, a Fab Lab manager and a program coordinator on a 3D model. (Special)

It will be housed in a new digital fabrication lab, dubbed the “Fab Lab,” that is expected to open in August 2019. The academy is being funded by the Zalik Foundation Fund, a local Jewish education philanthropy.

“Fab lab” is a term for a facility using computer-guided fabrication machines to create various products and objects. The fab lab concept started as a Massachusetts Institute of Technology class and is now a movement promoted and aided by the Boston-based Fab Foundation.

There are about 1,000 fab labs in facilities in 78 countries, according to the foundation’s website,