My favorite club in Atlanta is not the Clermont Lounge or Sister Louisa’s Church – it’s Dream Warriors.

At this club there’s a wonderful group of eclectic, joyful, powerhouses dealing with real life issue. To get in this club you must be interested in supporting “a community of like-minded women, femme-identifying, and non-binary individuals” that want to inspire a stronger, more innovative local economy.

Dream Warriors began as a Facebook page for women to support each other’s dreams, lives, professions, personal lives – you name it. This grew over the years into a grassroots movement that is dedicated to helping others thrive. By joining the club, your membership goes straight to funding grants for others. All monies are dedicated to supporting tangible projects that help Atlanta locals and its economy.

For example, the Spark Grant offers $2,500 to help an individual getting out of sticky situations, completing personal growth projects, advancing ones career and more. Once a year, Dream Warriors will award the $15,000 Big Idea Grant to help a local startup business with mentorship, marketing and networking support.

When Allie Bashuk started the Facebook page she had no idea it would turn into a foundation. Once she met Haley Carson (both are co-directors) they knew they had an amazing group to work with.

Women’s clubs are not new, but the niche that they are filling with like-minded, femme-identifying, and non-binary individuals is. When you become a member, your fee goes to help others, you join a directory where you can find anything from a like-minded florist to car repair so that your money can go into the pocket of small businesses. There’s also an online magazine with helpful features and you get discounts and entry to educational panels.

To become a member or find out more about Dream Warriors, visit