We deserve better.

The race for Fulton County district attorney should be about the best person to lead this critically important position. Someone who will help keep us safe. Someone who has integrity, fairness and transparency.

Paul Howard has had his chance. But he has failed us.

Mr. Howard is under investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for potentially illegal conduct. He has three sexual harassment lawsuits pending against him. All while he continues to divide us through falsehoods and demagoguery.

Enough is enough.

It’s time for change.

Fani Willis is that change.

Fani is without doubt the most qualified person to be our district attorney.

Please join me and our neighbors in supporting Fani Willis for Fulton County district attorney in the Aug. 11 runoff.

Mary Norwood

Editor’s note: The writer serves as president of the Buckhead Council of Neighborhoods but submitted this letter as an individual resident.

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