The city of Brookhaven has issued a stop work order on construction at a Nancy Creek home, which neighbors say has resulted in the loss of multiple trees. 

A new owner at 1000 W. Nancy Creek Drive has cut down multiple trees and started construction without having the proper permits, according to city spokesperson Burke Brennan. Brennan said the city received a tip on March 28 about the work and excessive tree removal, and Code Enforcement went to visit the property.

“Code Enforcement found evidence that both issues had occurred and issued a stop work order,” Brennan said in an email. “As the Code Enforcement officer was posting the stop work placard, two workers had arrived on site. They were advised that there was to be no work conducted on the property.”

Brennan said after the code enforcement officer left the site, they returned a few minutes later and found the two workers at work on the site. The officer then issued a citation for a violation of a stop work order. 

According to a records request, the property is owned by Tim Hardeman, who neighbors say bought the property from the previous owner Betsy Byrd. The permit states that the owner can remove three trees, but the city alleges that more have been removed. Neighbor Cammi Jones, who lives behind the property in question, also alleges that more than three trees have been removed. 

“My husband and I are always out on our screen porch,” Jones said. “You could barely see the house, you could see maybe the roof of that house. Now, you look right in that house.” 

The trees that the permit says could be cut down were three trees to the left of the house; a river birch, a green ash, and a water oak. In an emailed statement, Hardeman said he is working with the city to get a proper permit for the work.

“The stop work order was issued for the pending permit for the interior updates,” Hardeman said. “I am working with the City of Brookhaven building officials to ensure they have all the information they need to issue the permit and start the renovations as soon as possible.”

Hardeman said he had a permit to cut down trees, but did not respond in time for publication to questions about how many trees were cut down. 

Sammie Purcell

Sammie Purcell is Associate Editor at Rough Draft Atlanta.