Relying on her ability to keep dogs calm and Scenthound’s training program, a pet industry veteran is making her mark at the brand’s northern Atlanta locations.

Jakob Anderson

Jakob Anderson started working at the membership-based dog grooming business as a bather in January. As part of Scenthound’s wellness-centered model, pet parents select a membership plan most appropriate for their dog and add additional services on an as-needed basis. She quickly moved up the ranks to trimmer in August and is on the right track for a promotion to manager. Scenthound focuses on the growth of its employees by promoting from within and creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere.

“I believe Jakob is on track to become a Scenter Groomer and could possibly be in charge of multiple stores. She just has that drive and passion to teach others,” said Jessica Muniz, a Scenthound manager who regularly works with Anderson. “It has been great not only being Jakob’s manager but knowing her as a person as well.”

Anderson has more than 14 years of experience working with pets, including roles as a kennel technician, veterinary assistant, and veterinary technician. She earned her veterinary assisting certification in 2009 and veterinary technology associate degree in 2016 from St. Petersburg College. 

Employee Advocates Low-Stress Approach

During her tenure working with animals and her time as a student, Anderson discovered the importance of low-stress handling to the quality of the experience. The grooming process can be overwhelming to most dogs and can trigger a fight, flight, or fawn response.  

Anderson knows the importance of building a trusting relationship with the dog and aspires to help groomers have long, fulfilling careers in the grooming industry by implementing low-stress handling strategies. Addressing a dog’s underlying emotions and practicing low-stress handling techniques helps make a groomer’s job easier and prevents burnout. 

“You have to learn to put yourself in the dog’s position,” said Anderson. “When you do that, you think of ways to connect with them that you hadn’t previously.”

Jakob Anderson

Anderson’s skill and experience in calming pets, as well as her knowledge of preventive pet care, has led to her encouraging the use of noise reduction ear mufflers at Scenthound Northern Atlanta locations. The product is used during the drying component of their service. Muffling the loud noise from the dryers can reduce a dog’s stress by 80%, Anderson estimated. 

“The ear muffler provides optimum hearing protection to our canine clients,” she said. “It allows even our most fearful clients the opportunity to gain confidence during their time with us. Because a trusting dog is a cooperative dog.”

Low-stress handling is one tool Scenthound groomers have in their arsenal to help achieve the company’s vision. Scenthound is committed to creating an exceptionally positive, loving, and safe environment for its canine clients and staff alike. 

“I hope the Scenthound team can count on me to bring the same attention and quality care I would give to everyday patients in the hospital,” Anderson said.

Prioritizing Mentoring and Development

Anderson relies on her experience in the pet care industry to help mentor her fellow employees. For those who have a passion for animals, Scenthound offers a promising opportunity. Scenthound’s employees are driven by a desire to make a positive impact and advocate for the health and well-being of every dog in their care. The company focuses on supporting its employees and helping them grow. 

“It takes a special person to work with dogs every day. If your heart is in it and you are determined, then it is definitely a career field for you,” Anderson said. “Scenthound is all about growing people and making sure they succeed. They ensure the success of every employee who walks through those doors.”

Explore a Future at Scenthound

To learn more about working at a company that puts pets first and gives its employees the tools they need for career advancement, contact Scenthound to get more information about a future in the pet industry.

Scenthound’s Northern Atlanta locations include Dunwoody, Buckhead in Chastain Square, and Tucker.