Amidst high gas prices, Georgia’s Clean Air Force — which is responsible for the management of Georgia’s Vehicle Emissions Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) Program — has three tips for motorists that will not only prepare them for a vehicle emissions inspection, but also to help improve their vehicle’s fuel economy and save money on gas.

“Georgia’s Clean Air Force provides a wealth of information for motorists to help them prepare their vehicles for the emissions testing process” said Michael Odom, Mobile & Area Sources Manager, Georgia EPD.

“Many of the recommendations for inspection preparation also benefit Georgia drivers by improving overall vehicle performance and fuel efficiency.”

The first tip that Georgia’s Clean Air Force recommends is to keep the sealing surfaces of your fuel cap clean and in good condition.

The reason for this is because dirty or ill-fitting gas caps allow for fuel to evaporate, which wastes gas and releases harmful pollutants into the atmosphere, according to Georgia’s Clean Air Force.

Another tip that the Clean Air Force has offered motorists is to pay attention to the “check engine light”.

Georgia’s Clean Air Force recommends that motorists don’t delay service on their cars when the “check engine” light is illuminated. This is because a failed sensor or another issue causing it to light up can seriously impact fuel economy and emissions testing.

The final recommendation Georgia’s Clean Air Force has for motorists is to make sure that tires are properly inflated.

Georgia’s Clean Air Force says that underinflated tires increases a vehicle’s rolling resistance, which can increase fuel consumption and nitrogen oxides emissions as a result.

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