An image from one of the Atlanta Police officer body cameras. (Courtesy APD)

The Atlanta Police Department has released footage from officer-worn body cameras during the “clearing operation” at the controversial public training facility site the day activist Manuel Teran was killed by law enforcement.

All four videos can be watched here. (You may need to sign in via a Microsoft account to access the videos.)

Although none of the released footage from Jan. 18 shows the actual encounter between Teran and the Georgia State Patrol officer, who was wounded, a barrage of gunfire can be heard and yelling in the distance at 9:01 a.m.

The APD officers in the body cam footage are shown destroying tents and confiscating personal belongings of the activists who had been camping on the Key Road site in south DeKalb County.

One of the APD officers wonders if the gunfire is from the firing range currently located at the site, which opponents call “Cop City.”

Radio chatter can be heard following the exchange of gunfire, including one voice that says “Got one officer down.”

The release of the body cam footage comes just two days after Teran’s family asked for transparency in the investigation.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), which is leading the inquiry, said the Georgia State Patrol officers who encountered Teran were not wearing body cameras.

The family said an independent autopsy showed Teran was shot 13 times during a confrontation with the officers.

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