Sweets for the sweet. (File)

I remember in the late 60s there was a hippie saying, “Love is an undefined reality.”  Pretty wise choice of words from the long-hair types who had our parental generation frightened with their funny clothes, rock music and different beliefs from the establishment. 

The month of lovers and Valentine’s Day is here, and here we are amongst the many who celebrate.  I’ll touch lightly on the romance side of love and won’t get philosophical about the love our world needs that has nothing to do with mushy romance. 

Did you know there are seven days of Valentine?

February 7 – Rose Day.

February 8 – Propose Day

February 9 – Chocolate Day

February 10 – Teddy Day

February 11 – Promise Day

February 12 – Hug Day

February 13 – Kiss Day

February 14 – Valentine’s Day

Following this protocol of proper love could get pricey!  Through a little research courtesy of Google, I found that $23.9 billion dollars were spent on Valentine’s Day in 2022. Some conspiracy theorists have said Valentine’s Day was created by greeting cards and candy companies. The florists were involved, too!  

When a love song is added to the mix, the world of love is taken to another level.  During my radio career, our love songs show garnered some of the highest ratings.

Enter Love Songs Queen, Delilah.  If you’ve been on the planet a minute, then you’ve certainly heard her name.  She’s a nationally syndicated radio host whose listeners are in the millions each evening.  While I was at B98.5, we had her come in for a huge event to benefit breast cancer.  I was really impressed at how wonderful, real, and normal she was. Quite often not the case when dealing with those “special” media stars. Trust me. I know a few. 

Romance radio has a gazillion listeners. Love songs, sappy songs, tear jerkers, heart string tuggers, call them what you will.  Everyone that’s been love bug bitten has a song or lyric that’s touches them. Some good, some not so good. Lyrics powerful enough to inspire a fire in your soul that has you a gushing pile of goosebumps, or melt you to a quivering heap of emotion. Maybe a song will conjure a memory from high school, or era of earlier times.  I think I was smitten the first time in the third grade. Once bitten…it’s over.

Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs…

Songs can break your heart or mend your heart. Then there are those silly love songs to quote Sir Paul and His Wings. The ever so subtle title, “If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body Would You Hold it Against Me?” 

There are even love songs with the clever title, “Love Song.”

The country station in town those days used to have a weekend love song show, “Cryin’ Lovin’ or Leavin.’”  Great name and it was a great show.  That “Urban Cowboy” soundtrack really fit.

The old school, old fashioned way of love songs and love notes have stepped aside for texts, dating apps, and more ways of connecting in the social media world and digital society.  I didn’t check, but I’m guessing someone could even have a Zoom date if their cupid hearts desired.  

Not that I’m a romantic genius, or the great purveyor of love knowledge, but I’ve suggested to people over the years to maybe just go to lunch. You both should know within a few minutes if there’s interest from either party.  Plus, “oops, would you look at the time…got to get back to work” is an easy out if it’s decided to be a waste of time, and money.  No expensive meal.  No adult beverage to cloud the circumstance.  Boom.  You know.

Along with candy, cards, fancy meals and flowers there are great experiences to share like a love boat cruises, spa visits, luxury hotels, limousines, other experiences for the month of cupid.  I’m starting to see where the billions are spent.

While putting the finishing touches on this article, my Georgia Bulldogs clinched their second national championship.  I can’t tell you how much this old Dawg loves it. 

Thanks a whole lot for reading.  And always choose love.

Kelly McCoy

Kelly McCoy is a veteran broadcaster who worked for more than four decades at radio stations in the metro Atlanta market.