Located in the heart of Alpharetta, the Avalon is a great source of shopping, dining and more, seamlessly connected to residences and businesses. Credit: Awesome Alpharetta Convention & Visitors Bureau

Atlanta’s Fulton County sprawls – so much that it encompasses the world’s busiest airport and stretches into North Georgia – and the city of Alpharetta sits in the upper arm.

Whether you are new to the area or are just looking to learn more about Alpharetta, here are some key points about the Georgia city.


Alpharetta was formed as a trading post in the 1830s and then later incorporated in 1858. Once a seat of what was then Milton County, the Great Depression prompted a merging into Fulton to fuel prosperity still seen today.

While mainly rural and agrarian until the 1980s, Alpharetta saw an influx of commuters and technology industries looking to get away from the city’s commotion and its skyscrapers.

An ice-skating rink (known as The Cooler), a rejuvenated market square surrounded by 19th Century architecture, paved Greenway paths for walking and cycling helped the local economy blossom the thriving suburb of Alpharetta and Ameris Amphitheatre for a convenient North Georgia venue for concerts and events.


Fulton County contains 15 cities, one of which being Alpharetta. According to 2020 US Census data, Alpharetta itself is home to nearly 66,000 people, almost 10,000 more than a decade prior. More than a quarter of its residents are under the age of 18, making it a great place to raise a family. Approximately 58% of the residents of Alpharetta are white and 22% of its residents are Asian. The remaining 20% of individuals are split somewhat evenly between those identifying as Black and those that identify as Hispanic or Latino.


Over the last several years, Alpharetta was named one of Livability’s Best Places to Live. It is now the 12th most populous city in Georgia and has come to be known as the “Technology City of the South” due to its large number of tech-focused companies in the area.

The city also has a number of highly-rated schools, with a handful of elementary schools testing well above the state averages across categories measured by GreatSchools.

Perfectly situated between the North Georgia Mountains and the city of Atlanta, Alpharetta is full of plenty of things to do both in the city and just a short drive away.

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Jonathon Delaney

Jonathon Delaney is a contributor to Rough Draft Atlanta. He is a longtime resident of Atlanta and Decatur and a graduate of Georgia State University.