This guide is meant to help residents new to Sandy Springs and greater North Fulton — and current residents — with setting up and changing utilities and using city services.


  • Water and Sewer: The City of Sandy Springs does not provide water and sewer services. Instead you’ll need to utilize Fulton county resources to establish these services. Setting up your account can be done at this link. It entails completing an application and sending this, along with photo ID, to Fulton County’s Public Works Department by email, fax, or dropping one of two locations in-person. One of these locations for in-person visits is conveniently located in near-by Alpharetta at 11575 Maxwell Road. If you experience issues with water main breaks or water quality you can reach out directly to Atlanta Water Shed Management.
  • Trash and Recycling: The city of Sandy Springs does not offer government sponsored trash or recycling collection services. Instead, they offer this page, to view approved private waste management services. The city partners with Keep North Fulton Beautiful to provide residents with an array of recycling services including e-waste drop off, glass recycling drop-off, traditional recycling drop-off and other recycling drop-off services. The center is located at 470 Morgan Falls Road in Sandy Springs.
  • Electricity: Georgia Power serves Fulton County and Sandy Springs. An online application for starting service can be found using this link.
  • Gas: While living in Sandy Springs allows for options of Natural Gas, the most popular is Atlanta Gas Light. Starting and stopping service can be done on this page. Georgia Natural Gas, Gas South, and SCANA are popular alternatives.
  • Internet: There are a variety of providers in Sandy Springs including Google Fiber, T-Mobile, Xfinity, AT&T U-Verse and more.

Now that you’ve got your home set up, here are some other services you may find useful to adjust to Sandy Springs.

Public Transit

MARTA’s (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) train extends to Sandy Springs. Sandy Springs train station is the second northmost train station and is located – with free daily parking, and $5/day extended parking – at 1101 Mount Vernon Hwy. MARTA buses also operate in Sandy Springs. The cost is $2.50 per bus ride and determining which bus route passes by your residence can be found on the page here.

Animal ordinances

While the City of Sandy Springs has no bylaws or ordinances regarding pet registration, Fulton County does require pet registration. If you do not register your pet with the county you risk being cited and fined. Fulton County pet registration can be completed on a government site here for a small fee.

Get a Georgia driver’s license

According to the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS), You must apply for a Georgia Driver’s License within 30 days of becoming a Georgia resident. This can be completed in-person. You will be required to surrender your current license and take and pass a vision exam. More information and details regarding atypical situations can be found on the Georgia DDS page here. Finding your closest DDS – or one convenient via MARTA – can be searched for on the portal here.

Contact city government departments

If you need something at City Hall — like a question about a permit answered — they are available by phone at (770) 730-5600. The main campus for City Hall is located in City Springs at 1 Galambos Way, along with most of the city’s offices.

The Sandy Springs Municipal Court and the Sandy Springs Police Department are located in the Sandy Springs North Municipal Complex at 7840 Roswell Road.

When visiting City Hall in City Springs, visitors can park in the underground parking decks — the first two hours are free. City Hall can also be accessed via public transportation on MARTA bus routes 5 and 87.

Sign up for parks and rec programs

Rent facilities, sign-up for youth sports and more at this link from the City of Sandy Springs.

Register to vote

Voting and elections in Sandy Springs are managed by Fulton County’s Voter Registration Office. The state of Georgia offers a convenient page for checking your voter registration status, registering to vote and viewing upcoming local, state and national elections at the Secretary of State’s My Voter Page.

Jonathon Delaney is a contributor to Rough Draft Atlanta. He is a longtime resident of Atlanta and Decatur and a graduate of Georgia State University.