Brookhaven, Georgia, is often described as a city with a community that is thriving.

Brookhaven usually houses those looking for a higher quality of living. If you are someone who has just recently moved to the city or are potentially deciding on moving to the city, you may be wondering how you should explore Brookhaven, and make the most of the local resources available to you.

Brookhaven is noted as a city that is very diverse and has something for everyone to enjoy. This is all thanks to its thriving economy, gorgeous landscape and vibrant culture. We want to help newcomers learn about the city’s hidden gems and navigate the neighborhood.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a young worker, a family with kids, or a senior looking for a quiet getaway, you’ll fall in love with Brookhaven’s distinct communities and thriving community. The best public transit options, the most exciting events, and the best places to meet new people are all things you can learn about in this guide.

An Introduction to Brookhaven and its History

Native Americans belonging to the Creek and Cherokee tribes were the first people to call this area home prior to the arrival of European settlers in the region in the 19th century.

Over the course of its history, the community of Brookhaven, located in DeKalb County, has experienced considerable expansion and development. The central business district of Brookhaven became an incorporated municipality in 2012, placing it among the newest and most recently founded cities in the state of Georgia. This also places it among the most affluent communities.

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Even though it is still a young city, it already has a solid reputation as an excellent destination in which to live, work, and explore.

Residents living in the area for more recent years have seen a substantial rise in development in Brookhaven, with the construction of new housing developments, hotels, and the development of the hospital facility that is owned and operated by Emory University.

Plenty of newer residents have quickly moved into Brookhaven as a result of the quickly uprising developmental changes. They were pulled to the area by the city’s attractive parks, schools with top ratings, and quick access to Atlanta’s attractions.

Residents appreciate the advantages of being just a brief journey away from Atlanta’s busy downtown area while also still residing in an environment that is tranquil and family-friendly as a result of the close closeness to Atlanta that the area has. This is despite the reality that it continues to be only a comparatively recent development.

Exploring the Diversity and Growth of Brookhaven

As of the year 2023, the current number of residents in Brookhaven is sitting at 59,574 during this time according to Brookhaven’s Office of Economic Development.

The racial composition of Brookhaven’s population is quite varied, consisting of 58.9% white people, 21.1% Hispanic people, 12.4% Black or African American people, 7.7% Asian people, and 3.0% mixed or other ethnicities.

In Brookhaven, women make up 48.72% of the populace while men account for 51.28%.

Brookhaven also ranks as one of the best cities for young professionals to live. You can see some of the best areas to live here.

Jobs in Brookhaven

Employment in the fields of professional/scientific/technical services, healthcare/social support, and hospitality/food service is highly concentrated among Brookhaven City’s local workforce. Occupations in administration, business, and finance operations, and commerce are the most prevalent in the Brookhaven economy.

Brookhaven has a robust employment market, but many people commute to the Atlanta metropolitan region for work. Emory Orthopaedics, Children’s Hospital of Atlanta, and the Atlanta Hawks are just a few of the prominent local corporations.

Weather in Brookhaven

If you enjoy warm temperatures, you’ll feel perfectly at home in Brookhaven. The south is well known for its warm and humid weather.

The winters in Brookhaven are frigid but brief, and the summers are humid and oppressive. Early May to mid-June and late August through mid-October are peak times for tourism in Brookhaven. Brookhaven regularly sees summertime highs of over 82 degrees.

When it comes to temperature, January is the coolest month in Brookhaven, with typical highs of only 49.8°F. You can ditch your snow boots for good if you’re planning a move to Brookhaven, as the city receives an average of 2.64 inches of snow annually.

Best Activities in Brookhaven

Here are just a few of the interesting things to do in Brookhaven, Georgia, whether you’re searching for something to do with the kids or want to get out of the house for the night.

Peachtree Creek Greenway

For nearly 12.5 miles, the Peachtree Creek Greenway provides users with a concrete, multi-use path that is about four meters wide. The route travels through Brookhaven from the southern end of the Atlanta BeltLine trail to its northern terminus in Doraville.

The greenbelt is available for use all year by bikers, trekkers, runners and dog owners.

Atlanta History Center

The Atlanta History Center is a campus-like facility that spans just over 33 acres and is located in Buckhead, about 15 minutes from Brookhaven via road.

It protects several significant museums and display places within its walls.

The site is also home to the Margaret Mitchell Home and Museum, which houses one of the biggest collections of Civil War relics in the United States.

Chattahoochee River & National Recreation Center

The Chattahoochee River, which flows north of Brookhaven, is a popular tourist destination thanks to the 48 miles of riverside parkland that make up the national leisure area.

The waterway is easily accessible by both land and sea, making it the first National Water Trail in the United States.

People who would rather cast a line than paddle a canoe or kayak can try their luck at catching one of the 23 varieties of game fish that inhabit the river. Island Ford, a “section” of the leisure area located in Sandy Springs a short distance north of Brookhaven, also features a tourist center.

So, Should You Live in Brookhaven, GA?

From the diversity, great school system, and beautiful homes, the city of Brookhaven is definitely a great option if you’re looking for a life of high quality living with your family. The city features so many great amenities, restaurants, homes, apartments, and so much more. The things you are able to do while living in Brookhaven are endless. Whether you’re searching for a luxurious private community or a more laid-back setting, you’ll find it in one of Brookhaven’s many distinct communities. With its central position and thriving economy, Brookhaven is a fantastic spot to set down roots.

Mackenzie Sutton is a contributor to What's Your ATL?