Credit: City of Milton

Once existing as a county, Milton was merged with Atlanta’s Fulton County during the Great Depression before re-emerging as a sought-after North Fulton city in 2006.

Milton was originally home to tribes of Cherokee Native Americans and, with the discovery of gold in nearby Dahlonega, a rapid influx of settlers led to the state taking over the Cherokee lands.

In 1857, Milton County was formed from parts of neighboring Cherokee, Forsyth and Cobb counties, with an original population of less than 4,000. However, infestations, droughts and the Great Depression destroyed the one-crop economy it had built on cotton.

On Jan. 1, 1932, Milton County merged into Fulton County, and the region began to urbanize with paved roads, bridges, churches and schools.

It wasn’t until 2006 that the residents voted to create the City of Milton out of the unincorporated northwest land of Fulton County. Today, Milton consistently ranks in the top places to live in Metro Atlanta and the South.

Diversity and Growth in Milton

Today, according to Census data, Milton is home to just over 41,000 people65% of Milton residents are white, 12% are Black or African American, 17% are Asian and 6% are Hispanic or Latino.

Jobs in Milton

Milton County’s unionization with Fulton County in 1932 – not only prevented county bankruptcy – but began an urbanization that has yet to stop. Paved roads, school houses and bridges altered daily life for residents of 20th Century Milton and began a string of prosperity for those who call it home.

While historically agriculture based, Milton has transformed into a hub for businesses and retail. The Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce lists local Hospitals, Verizon Wireless, UPS and State Farm Insurance as top employers in Milton.

Weather in Milton

Weather in Milton – like weather throughout Atlanta – is moderate and typically calm, save the occasionally thunderstorm. Beyond being aware of what is left on the patio or porch, those that call Milton home worry little about severe weather.

So, Should You Live in Milton, GA?

Recognized by the Atlanta Journal Constitution and others for quality of living, Milton is consistently ranked as one of the best cities to live in the South and Metro Atlanta. While public transit is scarce in Milton, those who call it home don’t complain. Instead their quick to speak of their small-town community and its near 40 miles of natural landscapes sandwiched between Appalachian Mountains and the Atlantic Coast. More than 80% of its land is “agriculturally zoned” and residential properties must be at least one acre.

Jonathon Delaney is a contributor to Rough Draft Atlanta. He is a longtime resident of Atlanta and Decatur and a graduate of Georgia State University.