Andersson Gardens owner Marjorie Andersson with her daughter, Ava Byron.

Andersson Gardens has about 50 days to find a new location, after being informed that their sublease is abruptly ending. The family-owned nursery said after more than two years in Avondale Estates, vacating the property and moving thousands of native plants and trees will be “devastating.”  

On May 15, owner Marjorie Andersson received an email from sublessor Taylor Means stating she had 60 days to vacate the property. Andersson was told that Means recently won a lawsuit over Little Tree Art Studios, and that it was in his best interest to regain possession of the lot. 

“It was a punch in the stomach,” said Andersson. “We haven’t had any prior issues.” 

Now Means refuses to engage via phone or in person, Andersson said. 

Andersson Gardens entered a sublease in 2021 at 2832 Washington Street. Soon after, the business was asked to move to the rear of the property to make room for Shades of Green, a landscaping company. 

In 2022, Means gave Andersson permission to build a 50-foot pergola and other upgrades that indicated her long term commitment to the property and her business, she said. 

The community has rallied in support of Andersson Gardens since a social media post broke the news.

Andersson Gardens wrote on social media: “This will put us out of business, devastate our family financially, and remove a beloved and rare gardening resource from our community.”

“The community response has been unbelievable, so touching. People have come by to give us hugs and support. They want us to start a Go Fund Me. It is proof of the greater good,” Andersson said. 

Andersson Gardens is not just a local garden center, she said. Visitors come seeking solace from battling cancer, grieving a loved one, or experiencing PTSD. 

“It’s hard to explain how special this little space is to people,” she said, adding that her daughters, husband and employees have poured their hearts into growing the business. 

Andersson is now on the hunt for a half or a full acre of land to purchase. At this time, she has no leads. 

A request for comment from Means was not returned. 

Logan C. Ritchie writes features and covers Brookhaven for Rough Draft Atlanta.