A state Senate committee heard three hours of testimony March 12 from supporters and opponents of a proposed new city in north DeKalb County.

Rep. Mike Jacobs (R-DeKalb) presented the committee with a substitute to the bill that would change the name of the new city from Ashford to Brookhaven. He argued that there are many historical landmarks in the area with that name.

DKalb County commissioners Kathy Gannon and Jeff Rader told the committee they feel creating the city would harm the county as a whole.

The remainder of the hearing was reserved for public comments. Opponents of the city came to the hearing dressed in red and many said they felt the process was rushed and they need more time. Among opponents was Oglethorpe University president Lawrence Schall, who said the school does not support the cityhood effort.

Supporters said the city of Brookhaven has followed the same process as other recently formed cities and that there has been plenty of time for residents to learn about the proposal. They reminded the committee that their votes would not create a city, instead would call for a referendum to establish it. Proponents said they simply wanted the opportunity to vote in July.

The committee did not vote on the bill. No date has been set for the next hearing.