By Capt. Steve Rose of the Sandy Springs Police Department

The Weekly Wrap Up contains some but not all police reports filed in Sandy Springs this week. To contact Steve Rose, email


400 block of Summerset Lane 30328 A resident said someone entered an apartment between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. June 17 by using a pry bar. Two TV’s and a PS3, two iPods, and other items are missing.

5000 block of Cross Gate Drive 30328 A contractor reported that he installed an icemaker into the kitchen of a home on June 11. On June 15, the icemaker, valued at $600, was missing. The basement and garage door of the unoccupied home was unlocked. The house is owned by a bank and managed by a contracting company.

6300 block of Vernon Woods Drive 30328  Between June 15 and June 18, someone came into the home by forced entry on a door. A forced bedroom window also was discovered. Jewelry and documents were taken.

1000 block of Balmoral Road 30342 The resident reported on June 18 that sometime just after midnight, someone came into his garage and took several items. A suspect was captured on video.

5675 Roswell Road 30342 The victim reported on June 19 that while he was gone overnight, someone entered his apartment and took his 32” Dynex flat screen TV.

Pointe Ridge Drive 30328 A caretaker for the home reported on June 19 that over the course of a day, someone came into the home and took several items. Several workers have been inside the home recently.

7000 block of Hunter’s Branch Drive 30328 A resident reported on June 19 that while she was gone for two hours, someone entered the home through a rear door by breaking out a bottom glass pane. The victim reported several items of jewelry missing.


400 block of Morgan Falls Road 30350 A 29-year old woman reported on June 14 that someone stole her iPhone at the recycle location where she was doing community service.

7901 Roswell Road On June 14, someone stole a can of Freon from a golf cart that belonged to an apartment complex.

5920 Roswell Road 30328 Toyota Camry, silver in color

8725 Roswell Road 30350 A man was arrested on June 15 after he stole a sandwich from a grocery store.

8725 Roswell Road 30350 A grocery store manager said a former employee was in the store on June 15 and tried to steal a box of Gillette Fusion Razors valued at just under $29. He was confronted at the customer service desk, but fled before the police arrived.

5610 Roswell Road 30342 A woman reported on June 14 that she set her iPhone down at a discount store near the towels. Later, she realized it was gone.

6075 Roswell Road 30328  2012 Nissan Rogue, gray

5901 Roswell Road A 27-year old man said on June 17 that he was at the gym when someone took his clothing and wallet. Credit cards, $20 cash and personal ID were taken. The locker wasn’t locked.

6345 Powers Ferry Road 30328 A 50-year old man on June 17 reported that someone entered an unlocked construction trailer and took an iPad. The iPad GPS was then tracked from that location to Rolling View Drive in Smyrna and then to the 2400 block of Spring Drive in Smyrna.

6595 Roswell Road 30328 A cellphone was reported taken on June 18 from restaurant. The victim placed the phone on the counter to pick up her order and when she turned around, the phone was gone. The phone was later traced to a condominium at 6700 Roswell Road.


A woman called and reported that she received a call from someone saying they were with a credit-monitoring company and that there were fraudulent charges on her card. He needed to verify the information on the card so that he could send a new one. She gave him the information on the card. She called the bank after she hung up and they told her no charges were on the card.

A woman reported that someone acquired her name and Social Security number and opened an account with the power company.


Cedar Run 30350   A man reported that about 2:15 a.m. on June 14 he was in his car driving on North River Drive when a fray Chevy Impala pulled up next to him. In the other car, a man he knew as “Memphis” pulled a gun and pointed it at him. He said that he was in fear of his life and that of his 10-year old child.

One question, among others generated by this incident, was why was a 10-year old out at 2:15 am? The complainant said he was out to buy cigarettes for his girlfriend.

300 block of Granville Court 30328 A woman reported that during the night of June 14 she was sleeping when her boyfriend of seven months came home drunk. Her boyfriend pulled the covers off of her three times, so she pulled the covers back over her, which enraged him. He struck her several times in the face. The victim’s 19-year old daughter heard the noise and came into the room and witnessed the assault. The man was arrested for domestic violence and jailed.

Violence erupted in the Huntcliff community on June 14 around 6 pm. The lifeguard reported that due to a power shortage, the pool pumps were not working, therefore the pool had to be closed. An older man in his 40’s came to the pool. When told the pool was closed, he became argumentative with the lifeguard. The 17-year old lifeguard told him that he had to get out. According to the lifeguard, the man pushed him so he pushed back. The man then grabbed the lifeguard by the neck and the fight was on. The lifeguard had some scrapes. He said he thought that he knew the man and could identify him. Coincidentally, another person, identified as the other party in the fight, later filed a report and — of course — named the lifeguard as the aggressor.

1700 block of Jefferson Drive 30328 A 32-year-old woman on June 18 reported the following: She was at her residence washing dishes. Her friend, who is temporarily staying with her due to his marital problems, came in the door. He was followed by his wife, uninvited, who came in right behind him and was not too happy. The wife then physically assaulted the victim. At this time, no charges have been filed.

I-285 west of Roswell Road 30328 A man reported on June 18 that he was merging onto I-285 (west) from Roswell Road when a Honda sped up to cut him off. He had to bail out to the emergency lane to avoid a collision. The complainant then sped up and rolled his window down and made a hand gesture. The man in the Honda threw something at him which knocked off his sunglasses and almost caused a wreck. The Honda then pulled ahead. There was no further contact.

Road Rage is a very common occurrence. It can go from comments and hand gestures to homicide in a second or two which, by the way, we had one resulting in a Roswell Road exchanging of words to an I-285 exchanging of gunfire resulting in one dead and one in prison for life.

We humans are at our lowest form of evolution when we’re behind the wheel. How ironic. When we should be at our peak of focus and attention, we’re either screwing around with an electronic something or other or playing King of the Mountain with our lane use. Men are the worst. No argument on that. You’d think that relinquishing a lane was like losing an arm but there we are guarding that space in front of the car as if it were the Holy Grail. I could go on and on but the bottom line is we’re all guilty of using moronic mentality when behind the wheel.

Take the lead. Fifteen seconds after someone rudely cuts in or out, it will be forgotten. Don’t make it worse. If you roll the window down you’re

Other things

24 Cedar Run 30350 A resident reported on June 19 that she has seen a man about 30 years old attempting to look into windows of the apartments.

Stupid Humans

5565 Northside Drive 30342 Cops were called about 6:30 a.m. June 18 to a medical situation at a restaurant. They were told a person had a  possible cardiac arrest. The officer responded and deployed his A.E.D. from the car. After it was hooked up, the device indicated “no shock” due to the vitals on the person, a 21-year-old woman who had a faint pulse. An employee said that she saw the woman and she appeared to be on drugs. EMS arrived and stabilized the victim, who was taken to St. Joe. She told the officer that she had taken cocaine and heroin earlier in the evening.


North River Parkway A woman reported that just before 3 p.m. on June 14 she was in her car on when a man walked out in front of her. She abruptly stopped the car. The man struck her car with his fists and then lay down on the pavement in front of the car. She backed up and struck a car behind her. She called the police. The man got up and walked over to a tree and sat down. He was later arrested for being intoxicated and doing dumb stuff.

6400 Peachtree Dunwoody Road 30328 Hardware stores employees on June 17 observed a man steal a nail gun, valued at $399, and attempt to leave. He told the officers that he was going to steal the gun, sell it, and use the money to buy more medication for his condition that causes him a great deal of pain. He was charged with the theft.

5501 Glenridge Drive 30342 A 24-year old woman called police on June 17 and told the officers that her boyfriend hit her four times in the face. She had some lacerations and dried blood on her face. Apparently her boyfriend didn’t like what she was making for dinner and started an argument, which led to her throwing a ketchup bottle at him, which led to the assault. This was witnessed by her two juvenile children. He was arrested and taken to jail.

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