The following incidents and arrests are some but not all, of the reports filed with Sandy Springs police from Nov. 22 through Nov. 26.

The following information was provided by the Sandy Springs Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate. Snarky comments courtesy of Capt. Steve Rose.


8300 block of Roswell Road—On Nov. 22, an 18-year old man said he was robbed after posting an ad for his gym shoes on Craigslist and Plenty of Fish websites. He said he was contacted by a man wanting to purchase the shoes. He told the man to meet him in Clarkston, Ga., where he lived. They met. The seller said the man asked him if he wanted to go for a ride. Two things I need to point out here: One, the sale was going on at midnight and two, why the heck would you want to go for a ride with a stranger at midnight? Big Surprise, the guy pulled a gun and then told the victim he was just released from prison and thought that the seller was a girl, and he wanted sex. He then told the man he wanted sex as they drove about. He refused and got out of the car somewhere around Northridge Road. The seller eventually said the first part of his statement to police was a lie, so we don’t really know what happened other than one guy was a getting a little froggy and the other guy is a liar.


5000 block of Rebel Trail—On Nov. 22, a report was made that several men in a black car visited a house under construction, saying they were workers. After calling the builder, the men left in a hurry. The man reported that when he looked in the home, he saw several items had been stolen including a check for $3,000 that was left in the permit box.

6300 block of Powers Ferry Road—On Nov. 24, burglary was reported at Subway. A rear door was forced open and the phone and alarm lines were cut, which activates the alarm. It appears the burglar tried to get into the safe that was bolted to the floor, but was unable. He did take a small amount of cash from a petty cash box.


500 block of Summit Springs—On Nov. 22, a 60-year old woman ordered a turkey fryer from QVC and it was delivered and signed for in the apartment leasing office. She said that when she went to the office to get it, it was gone. She believes this was done by the staff in retaliation for her complaints about the ants in her apartment.

Theft from Vehicles

5675 Roswell Road 30342 on Nov. 22

1155 Mt. Vernon Hwy 30328 on Nov. 23

6390 block of Roswell Road 30328 on Nov. 23

6090 Roswell Road 30328 on Nov. 23

567 Northridge Road 30350 on Nov. 23

5975 Roswell Road 30328 on Nov. 24

7770 Roswell Road 30350 on Nov. 25

6096 Barfield Road 30328 on Nov. 25


500 block of Northridge Road—On Nov. 22, a 28-year old woman said she received a call from someone claiming to be an immigration officer. She was told that she faced deportation for a problem with her work visa unless she paid $10,000. She went to the bank, withdrew $10,000 as the “immigration” officer stayed on the phone with her the entire time. She sent ten $1,000 Green Dot cards from several different Kroger Stores since each store would only allow two purchases. She provided the numbers from the cards thus completing the scam. She was then told by the “immigration officer” that she could hang up. She did so, called a friend, and was told she got suckered.

Knowledge is power folks. Read up on scams and soon you’ll see all of them I list in these weekly reports. Remember, scammers cannot hold up to questions. Be politely skeptical and if you smell a rat, ask more questions. They’ll fold.


A woman contacted police and said that she was attacked by her soon-to-be-ex-husband, who she allowed to stay in the apartment so that he wouldn’t be homeless. (This is ALWAYS a mistake.) During that time, he saw a text on her phone from another man and he became enraged and tried to choke her out. She had evidence of the attack on her neck. She did not report it that night, but did so the following morning at her office.

Google “Phil Hartman” and see what happens when you end a relationship and stay one too many nights in the same bed. This woman is a victim and with the injuries, we would have arrested the man and given her a safe environment. I’ve said this before, but when it’s

over, end it. That includes where you stay that night. By the way, take what’s dear to you as well because your ex will surely dispose of it in a timely manner.


Northwood Drive—Cops spoke with a man on Northwood Drive who said his girlfriend’s son beat the hood of his car with a metal pole. The son said he did it because the man threw his phone off the second story balcony, so he grabbed a stick and hit the car’s hood. The boy’s mother confirmed it. Both subjects are adults and the cops have been to the residence several times before, so they were arrested. One had a warrant from DeKalb County for failure to appear.

1155 Mt. Vernon Highway—On Nov. 22, Sports Authority loss prevention staff called the police after two women concealed clothing in their purses and tried to leave. One tried to empty the purse in the trash can and the other was making her way to her car. Both were caught and later arrested. Both women had arrest records for theft.

6350 Peachtree-Dunwoody Road—On Nov. 24, a man was arrested for stealing Langoustine Lobster ($26.99) and a rotisserie chicken ($13.99) by placing both in his jacket and trying to leave Costco.

5675 Roswell RoadOn Nov. 24, around 4 p.m. cops were called to two apartments regarding a man throwing items from his balcony down one floor and onto another. The woman on the lower floor said the man called her a “fat bitchand she yelled back that he was a “drug addict.” He threw a broken toy, which hit her on the shoulder. The man upstairs was arrested.

5700 Roswell Road—On Nov. 24, an employee of the Shell Station called police around 3 a.m. and said three men stole an 18-pack of Corona and a 12-pack of Modelo beer. One man threatened to shoot the clerk as the three fled. Around an hour later, an officer, who was writing a report on Northwood Drive, saw an intoxicated man who looked to be the same as one of the men described to him by the Shell employee. He detained him and, once the store clerk identified him, he was arrested.

227 Sandy Springs Place—On Nov. 25, one man was arrested after placing several Kroger store items in his bag and then attempting to walk out without paying. He was detained and later arrested.