Courtesy Midtown Alliance
Courtesy Midtown Alliance

Finalists have been selected for the Atlanta Bridgescape Competition to create enhancements for bridges in Midtown and Downtown, according to a report from the Midtown Alliance.  This competition is part of the ongoing effort to elevate the experience of travelers along the Downtown Connector and improve the environment on the bridge surfaces.

Phase one of the competition was a “call for ideas” seeking creative approaches to enhance the 10th Street Bridge in Midtown and the Courtland/McGill Bridge in Downtown. On March 10, three finalists were selected for 10th Street and two for Courtland/McGill.

The second phase is underway with the short-listed teams further developing their ideas, including their feasibility for implementation based on a budget of up to $3 million each. Entries are due on May 5 and winners will be announced on May 12.

The designs will be on exhibit at a storefront space at Cornerstone Village, 800 Peachtree Street, Suite D. There will be a special reception on May 12 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. to celebrate the work of the finalists. RSVP for the event at this link.

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  1. Really?
    We can’t have sidewalks that satisfy the basic needs of wheel chair users, folks with walkers, canes, strollers, or carts…
    We can have a real functional affordable transit system that reliably goes somewhere other than a tourist attraction…
    But we can totally do this…

    You have got to be joking.

  2. gotta love that atlanta city government. you people couldn’t pull culture out of your collective ass. there is a reason for all lower case. let’s think about education maybe?

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