The Atlanta Police Department has released dashboard and body camera footage from the two officers involved in the shooting and killing of Rayshard Brooks at a Wendy’s fast food restaurant on University Avenue on the night of June 12.
This footage above is from the dash cam perspective of former Officer Garrett Rolfe, who arrived on the scene after Officer Devin Brosnan was already questioning Brooks. The video below (courtesy of 11Alive) shows footage from Brosnan’s body cam as Brooks is questioned by Rolfe. Please note that both of these videos contain graphic content.
Rolfe, who fired the shots that killed Brooks, has been terminated by APD and Brosnan placed on administrative duty.
In a report released by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), the two officers were responding to a complaint of a male asleep in a vehicle parked in the Wendy’s drive-thru.
After failing a field sobriety test, officers attempted to place Brooks into custody and a struggled ensued. The APD officer deployed a taser and during the struggle, Brooks grabbed and was in possession of the taser.
“It appears that the gentleman has the taser in in his hand, runs a relatively short distance, and then appears to turn around and point the taser at the Atlanta officer,” GBI Director Vic Reynolds said during a June 13 press conference. “That is when officer reached down and retrieved his weapon from his holster and discharges and fires at Mr. Brooks, who goes down.”
The GBI said it would turn its findings over the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office for possible charges against the officer. Police Chief Erika Shields resigned as commander in the wake of the shooting.
During protests on Saturday night, the Downtown Connector at University Avenue was blocked by demonstrators and the Wendy’s was destroyed by fire. APD arrested 36 people in connection with the protests.

One reply on “VIDEO: APD releases dashboard and body camera footage in killing of Rayshard Brooks”

  1. The officers were acting very professionally. They weren’t acting like racists.
    Cops did everything right. This guy caused this to escalate. When you resisted & punched a cop, then pointed a taser at police… You play stupid games… Don’t be surprised when you get stupid prizes. Now Atlanta is burning. driving intoxicated is a crime no matter what color skin, too many people die each year from drunk drivers.
    He never should have resisted, it’s always bad when someone loses their life but it was his choice This is absolutely insane that they’re burning down sh*t in Atlanta over this. And the police officer got fired, lost his pension, benefits, everything. Completely destroyed his family, for doing his job. This was a clean shoot, completely justified. All I’m saying just imagine if this guy were white same situation and everything this video would not have been made ??and y’all know it lmao Curious…if he was drunk driving and, God forbid, killed a black child in a crosswalk or crashed head-on into another car killing a black family…would #BLM even acknowledge their violent deaths or say their names??

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