Candy Hom is the chef of Soupbelly, a pop-up serving up delicious Chinese dumplings around Atlanta.

Hom started Soupbelly as a blog, where she showcased recipes and photography from Atlanta’s bustling food scene. However, she realized that her Chinese heritage and understanding of Cantonese cuisine provided the foundation for the pop-up. 

Soupbelly doesn’t always stay in the lane of traditional Chinese recipes, often combining foods from Hom’s culture and her lived experience as a Chinese American woman with immigrant parents. Her parents often fused their cultural foods with American cooking, and Hom also adopted that practice.

“My goal doing these pop-ups is always to introduce new dishes to venues that don’t have these food options,” she said. “By new, I mean traditional Chinese dishes, or dishes with my own spin on them.” 

Soupbelly’s featured dish is the chicken and mushroom rose dumplings which fuse two distinct Cantonese dishes. Hom was initially inspired by white-cut chicken (白切鸡), which is a gently poached chicken served with a ginger scallion sauce. Hom realized the scallion sauce would perfectly complement her chicken siu mai, which is an open-faced dumpling filled with fresh ground chicken and shiitake mushrooms.

Finally, Hom decided to repackage the siu mai into a rose-shaped dumpling. The beautiful rose pattern provides aesthetics, and also gives a more balanced meat to dough ratio.  

You will find Soupbelly serving chicken and mushroom rose dumplings and other dishes on Dec. 18 at Pontoon Brewing. 

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Madalyn Nones | Punk Foodie

Although currently working in public health, Madalyn Nones has a passion for baking, farmers' markets, and grassroots food businesses.