The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation has pledged $2.4 million in new grants designed to help legacy residents stay in their homes in the English Avenue and Vine City neighborhoods.

Combined with existing commitments, the foundation’s 2022 Westside grantmaking is $5 million, which will remain steady at this level for the next decade. 

“The Westside is a vibrant community with considerable change afoot. Many  legacy residents, however, are vulnerable to displacement. We want to support long-term residents to be more  economically stable and benefit from the improvements in the community they’ve called home for years,” said  Foundation President Fay Twersky.

Twersky continued, “As we spoke with residents and nonprofit leaders  about how we could make the most difference we heard that legacy residents do not want to be priced out of  the neighborhoods. They want to have more economic opportunity and more affordable housing enabling them to have the genuine choice to stay. We look forward to working with new and existing partners to fund high impact, enduring solutions to protect their choice.” 

The foundation’s Westside grants include: 

• $1.04 million to Westside Future Fund to support the production of affordable rental units

• Two grants to strengthen the affordable housing ecosystem on the Westside to include both rental and  homeownership opportunities: $400,000 to Enterprise Community Partners and $310,000 to Atlanta  Neighborhood Development Partnership 

• $150,000 to Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation to reduce illegal evictions and increase renter  protections 

• $200,000 to On the Rise Financial Center to support financial coaching work in collaboration with the  Westside Future Fund homeownership program and Westside Works workforce development training

• $300,000 to CHRIS 180 to support the transition of two programs connecting Westside residents to  preventive and coordinated health services  

In addition to housing, the foundation will also focus on financial security. This pathway will prioritize workforce  development interventions as well as seek additional ways to help reinforce residents’ income so they can  participate fully in their own training and career development and can withstand financial shocks.  

Westside Works at CareerRise and On the Rise Financial Center both provide important building blocks for  financial security. Westside Works is a workforce collaborative offering community-based resources, educational  classes, training programming and rapid placement to meet the needs of job seekers. The foundation is  supporting Westside Works to provide opportunities for residents to travel up the career ladder to achieve  employment and advancement in high-demand, quality jobs.  

On the Rise Financial Center helps people build financial well-being and wealth through coaching, credit building  and access to safe financial products for individuals and families. The foundation will work with On the Rise  Financial Center and other organizations to evaluate existing and future innovative approaches that can help  residents create positive cash flow, protect them from financial shock and make informed financial decisions for  their future.  

Inclusive of these latest grants, the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation’s total current Westside financial  commitment over the past decade exceeds $57 million. Additionally, the foundation has leveraged more than  $200 million in other public and private investments into the Westside. 

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